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Uber & Lyft 19-point California vehicle inspection

Uber & Lyft 19-point California virtual vehicle inspection both for only $30

Don't pass, don't pay. This applies exclusively to our Uber and Lyft virtual vehicle inspections, ensuring that you only pay for the service if your vehicle meets the requirements. Schedule your inspection today!

At your virtual inspection your inspector will walk you through the inspection process via video chat using Zoom. You will need:


1. Zoom downloaded on mobile device


2. Your vehicle 3. Your keys 4. Smartphone (charged at 25%+)


5. A US penny (to measure tire tread)


6. A way to prop up your phone or someone to help check brake lights


7. Prior to start time please be at your vehicle with all seat belts buckled, US penny and bluetooth off.


Once you have passed your inspection, you will receive a link and be prompted to make your payment.


Once you make payment you will receive your inspection form, via email or text message which you can upload to your Uber or Lyft profile.


Uber & Lyft in person 19-point California vehicle inspection both for only $60

Get peace of mind and meet your rideshare company's requirements with our in-person vehicle inspection service. For a full and thorough inspection, simply pay upon booking and rest easy knowing that if you don't pass, you'll have 30 days to make any necessary repairs. Plus, you'll receive one free virtual inspection to complete your vehicle certification. Our mobile mechanic service is currently covering Stockton, Lodi and Lathrop for in-person inspections, with virtual inspections available for all other cities in California. Schedule your inspection now and get back on the road hassle-free.

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